Student Support

We Guide You So You Can Guide Them

As an aspiring counselor, you are committed to guiding people through challenges to help them create lives of wellness, health, and meaning. To help you reach your goal, we’ve created a comprehensive support system to guide you through every step of Counseling@NYU.

While you explore your options:

Your admissions counselor will answer any questions you have about academic requirements, tuition, or other topics.

After you enroll:

Our dedicated support team will make sure you feel confident navigating the online community and using the program’s technology.

As your studies progress:

You will receive personalized advice and insight on your development from your student support adviser.

While you complete self-paced assignments:

You’ll have access to the NYU library as well as our student services and career services.

When you start working with clients:

You can trust our field placement team to identify a suitable site in or near your community.

While you prepare for the next step in your career:

Our career services team will help you with your resume, job search, and interview preparation.

After you have completed program requirements

You will be invited to celebrate your accomplishments at NYU’s on-campus commencement ceremony.

Once you graduate:

You’ll become a lifelong member of the NYU alumni family, connecting you with 470,000 graduates worldwide.

Contact an admissions counselor at 855-698-4622 to learn how Counseling@NYU can help you meet your career goals.

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