School Counseling in Phoenix

Phoenix operates 325 public schools and more than 200 charter and private schools1 that educate tens of thousands of pre-K-12 students. In addition to teachers, the city employs school counselors and other support staff to ensure that its students have the resources they need to be successful.

As a school counselor in Phoenix, you can help ensure that students in this large school system have the support they need from teachers, administrators, and their own families as they pursue their academic goals.

The average salary for school counselors in Phoenix is $56,1202.

Between 2016 and 2026, employment opportunities for school counselors in Arizona are projected to grow 17 percent3, more than the national expected change of 13 percent4.

How to Become a Certified School Counselor in Phoenix

The Arizona Department of Education establishes the requirements to become a certified school counselor in the state. Before you can pursue employment in Phoenix or other cities across Arizona, you must meet all certification requirements, one of which is a master’s degree from an accredited institution. Resources for Arizona licensing board can be found on NYU Steinhardt's Professional Licensure page.

Why Counseling@NYU School Counseling?

NYU Steinhardt’s online school counseling master’s program enables you to earn your degree without relocating to New York City to attend classes on campus. You will develop the knowledge and skills to work not only with diverse students and their families but also with the entire school community to ensure successful outcomes for students.

Earn Your Master’s through

Learn how NYU Steinhardt’s online program prepares you to pursue certification as a school counselor in Phoenix.

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