1 in 4 Students is an English Language Learner: Are We Leaving Them Behind?

How is society’s perception of students of color impacting their success in the classroom?


Relationships That Heal: Building a Community to Combat Childhood Trauma

Toxic stress at home is making its way into the classroom. Learn how adverse childhood experiences are impacting students — and how educators can help them cope.

A Look at School Support Systems for English Language Learners

Here, we explore how school counselors can work with speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and mental health counselors to help multicultural students thrive.

Keeping Girls Out of a Justice System Created for Boys

Although juvenile arrests in the U.S. have decreased over the past few decades, arrests for girls younger than 18 are up. To reverse this trend, intervention programs must be tailored to the gender-specific needs of girls who enter the criminal justice system for different reasons than young boys.

Are Today’s Classrooms Having the Right Conversations About Privilege, Power, and Oppression?

At a time when headlines reflect a gathering momentum over hate and bias, how are teachers confronting what’s behind those headlines?  School districts may be failing to address racism head-on.

Culture Clash: The Danger in Downplaying Black Experiences in Mental Healthcare

“When you think about how societal systems are set up in this country to help people (i.e., healthcare, criminal justice, education, housing, workforce systems, etc.), you will notice they are really designed to help a certain group of people,” says trauma grief and loss counselor Babe Kawaii-Bogue. In a field dominated by white clinicians and practitioners, how can Black Americans feel understood when seeking mental health care?