Conferences for School Counselors in 2017

School counselors play an integral role in the growth and development of students. There are countless opportunities around the country for school counselors to learn, connect with others, and build on their strengths.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most important conferences for school counselors to attend in 2017.

When: March 16-19
Where: San Francisco, California
Approximate Size: 3,500 attendees

This conference, in its 65th year, provides a variety of opportunities to learn and connect with like-minded peers from around the globe. This year’s conference includes a Grad Students & New Professionals Only Series, the ACA Career Center, and countless counselor-focused sessions in the areas of diversity, collaboration, and bullying prevention.

When: April 5-6
Where: Baltimore, Maryland
Approximate Size: 300 attendees

The main aim of NAREN is to support educators by providing them with the resources necessary to prepare at-risk children and youth to work toward their dreams. Over the course of this three-day conference, educators will explore the theme of “Stocking the Helper’s Toolbox: A Skill-Building Extravaganza,” which will provide information on topics ranging from poverty to team building.

When and Where: June 21-24, Atlanta, Georgia; June 27-30, Las Vegas, Nevada
Approximate Size: 1,500 attendees

Internationally recognized experts and speakers gather to discuss evidence-based programs, as well as new approaches and philosophies within school life. The focus is on improving academic performance and increased innovation. This conference is part of the Innovative Schools Summit, a series of conferences throughout the country which covers topics ranging from school safety to counseling strategies.

When: June 27-30
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Approximate Size: 1,500 attendees

Through an emphasis on field-tested interventions, this conference focuses on the relational aggression among girls through a dynamic setting and how to build supportive friendships. This conference is part of the Innovative Schools Summit.

When: June 27-30
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Approximate Size: 1,500 attendees

Practical, real-world initiatives are the focus of this conference, which aims to transform the quality, character, and personality of schools. In addition, evidence- and research-based interventions will be introduced. This forum is part of the Innovative Schools Summit.

When: July 8-11
Where: Denver, Colorado
Approximate Size: 2,000 attendees

The ASCA’s annual conference gathers school counselors from around the globe for four days of keynote and breakout sessions to share practical tips and network with one another. Each and every session will focus on this year’s theme “Relate, Recharge, Reflect, Realize.”

When: September 14-16
Where: Boston, Massachusetts
Approximate Size: 7,500 attendees

NACAC’s national conference is an engaging and informative event that aims to build relationships among the professionals who support students and families in the transition from high school to college.

There are a number of other organizations with conferences that take place earlier in the year. Be on the lookout for information from the following for conferences taking place in late 2017 or early 2018: